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Blueprint for Free Speech is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving freedom of expression around the globe.


Blueprint releases 24 key principles that should underpin any law for the protection of whistleblowers


Blueprint co-publishes new report on the state of whistleblower laws in G20 countries


Blueprint sponsors Ricochet, a new free software program that lets journalists and sources communicate more safely


Our Mission:

Blueprint for Free Speech is non-profit charity that works internationally to promote the right to freedom of expression without undue interference or intrusion. We specialize in the right to publish, whistleblower protection, government transparency, data privacy and Internet freedom. Our advocacy campaigns and research projects strive to defend Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which asserts the right to freedom of opinion and expression for all people.

Our initiatives seek to:

  • Build a society free from barriers to free speech
  • Enrich public and political debates in the field of freedoms law
  • Expose and deter crime and corruption through public-interest whistleblowing
  • Support and provide research to civil society, policy-makers and journalists
  • Enhance citizen participation and awareness of their rights
  • Anticipate future opportunities and challenges

Blueprint’s research library and other materials are free to everyone. They may be reproduced with attribution.


Chelsea Manning released

It’s a small victory for freedom of information: today, whistleblower Chelsea Manning is being released from prison. Originally convicted to serve 35 years for state treason, Manning’s sentence was commuted only a few days before Barack Obama left the Oval … Read more →

Protection proposal for public service whistleblowers in France

In June 2013, France’s Public Administration Minister announced a proposal to protect whistleblowers in the public service. This proposal is a follow-up measure to France’s January 2013 enactment a law to protect whistleblowers who report health and environmental dangers (Droit … Read more →